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June 21, 2007


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I stood around. watching what people ordered to get a look at the
Walking Taco, but did not see one. It's similar to the Bucco Taco in
Pittsburgh, yes?

baseball mama

Sorry, I almost forgot... no bratwurst or beer!! No beer license to
sell on Sunday's in South Carolina. It could have helped wash down the
terrible sausage... it wouldn't have helped knowing I spent more on
food than the tickets to the game!!

baseball mama

Ok, so we were in town for a little RR. The boys decide "baseball"
so I go along. Ballpark food... yeah!! Bratwurst and beer. Not hardly!!
The italian sausage@$7.50 was terrible!! The boys "walking taco"@$3.50
was the better bargain...tastevalue. Sodas@$2.50 that get HOT
within 15 minutes...not good.Will stop by Wendy's before the next
game... the team won and the fireworks were good...but the food was not

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