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April 27, 2009


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Maybe you were unlucky twice! I have had Box Frites fries twice and will never go back to soggy, greasy Nathan's fries again! My fries from Box Frites were perfect---crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, golden, and not overly greasy. I encourage you to try one more time!


I'm surprised at the Box Frites report. Maybe it was a particularly bad day, but I was there yesterday and had the chipotle garlic sauce and found it -- and the fries -- to be wonderful. And I'm not sure I would equate the beer to Brooklyn, it wasn't swill to my taste buds (and my taste buds refuse to drink any of the cheap Bud/Coors/Miller crap). With three fry options out there in Danny Meyerland, I can't see myself ever buying them elsewhere in the ballpark, unless I'm just too lazy to get down there.

I also had the nachos from one of the carts on the concourse, and while the "cheese" was the usual saucy soup and some chips were a bit stale, which happens when you leave them out for a few innings (as it would in a bowl at a backyard picnic), the toppings were outstanding.

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