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April 05, 2009


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ha! have you seen an Alysa Milano women's clothing boutique in a ballpark yet? THAT's scary. Mets have one. I only saw men in there. the world is hilarious


Ugh. This sounds like something I would hate as much as I hate pink team clothing designed for women.

I can only imagine the discussion between women at these events, they probably care more as to what player has the cutest butt, than in anything else.

I like wine, but not at the ballpark. I drink beer there, and I wear clothing in the real team colors, no pink stuff.

Every year, we end up at a game on Mother's Day (usually thanks to our Sunday Funday NH Fisher Cats mini-plan). I'm not a mom to anything but cats, but I still get annoyed when someone tries to shove a free pink hat in my face. Last year they had all sorts of tables and booths with spa stuff, and I just walked right past them, made no eye contact in case they tried to sell me something. I'm surprised I didn't see a booth devoted to the one thing that all women are *supposed* to love, shoe-shopping. I HATE shoe-shopping, all of my footwear comes from the men's department of L.L. Bean.

I like watching "Sex & the City", but something like this would make me feel as if I were trapped in an episode of it, and that is SO not me!

Give me a beer-tasting that is open to both me and women, and I'd be so there!

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