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June 08, 2009


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The Red Sox NEVER allow people to bring their own food. They did eons ago, if the cooler fit under the seat. No more.

In the minors, the Eastern league says no outside food, they only allow water bottles in if it's very hot out. They do check larger bags for outside food and drink. So do the PawSox and other teams in the International League.

It's a tough call for these teams, during these tough economic times, especially the MiLB ones. On the one hand, if they forbid outside food, they can make more $$$ from sales of their own food. But if they allow outside food, they can make more $$$ just getting butts in the seats.

I'd personally be in favor of letting people bring their own food, if it kept them in their damned seats. We were at a NH Fisher Cats game yesterday, and we were bouncing up and down like yo-yos because of these kids in our row, who got up every five minutes for more food. I guess the recession hasn't hit their family, I swear, I saw about $200+ worth of food and drinks going by us. most of it being left on the floor under the seats after they left. Disgusting.

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