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March 26, 2010


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Sara Pepitone

Food Tour during boring games sounds like what certain teams have in mind when they expand their offerings. Kidding. Sort of. Pre-game is ideal for food-game-tour. Shorter lines and no chance of missing something.
That said, new stadiums are pretty well set up for just this thing - wandering while eating and watching. Minor league games (esp sub-AAA) are great for this sort of thing, if only their food was better.

Sara Pepitone

In my opinion, minor league parks are better for little ones, if you want them to actually experience the game. Some MLB parks (Cleveland comes to mind) have jungle gym type set ups, but seems to me you can stay home for that. If you want kids to get into going to games, bring them to where they can see the field, hear the crack of the bat, and not be 1000 feet away from the action.


Toddler Friendly ball parks?


Congrats on the big 3!!!!!

Can't wait to see what you have in store for the upcoming season.

Have you ever organized a foodie tour for reader/friends??? Maybe during a game you know will be boring so we can spend the bulk of it eating/drinking, and just a little time sunbathing/watching/cheering? I'd pay good money for that :)

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